A Note From Jesus

She received the note quite early;
It had come in the morning mail.
She had been living on welfare
And her health had become quite frail.

What the note said gave her new life.
“This evening I’ll be passing through
And if it’s not too much trouble
I would like to visit with you.”

She quickly went to her closet
To put on her only new dress.
The note that caused her excitement
Had been signed by Jesus, no less.

She had no food fit for Jesus.
On a piece of paper, she wrote,
“I’ve gone to the store, be right back.”
And put on her only warm coat.

A loaf of bread and some cold cuts,
Took all of the money she had.
Wishing she had more for Jesus,
She hoped that He wouldn’t feel bad.

She thought of how she must hurry,
Not wanting to make Jesus wait.
That’s when she saw the poor beggar,
On the street in front of her gate.

He asked, “Can you spare some money?”
For days I’ve had nothing to eat.
His clothes were tattered and ragged,
Old shoes barely covered his feet.

She gave him the food bought for Jesus,
There was nothing else she could do.
Because he poor man was shaking
She gave him her only coat too.

She worried waiting for Jesus,
Had she missed Him while at the store?
She went to check on the beggar
And noticed the note on her door.

It was a thank-You from Jesus.
“It was really so nice to see you,
The cold cuts were most delicious
The coat was a perfect fit too.”

Hebrews 13:12 tells you not to forget to entertain strangers because you may be entertaining angels unaware. One little girl asked her Sunday school teacher why the angels would be in their underwear.

We have all read stories, and maybe you have had your own personal experience, of angels helping during times of dire need. One of the most famous such visits in the Bible was when Abraham entertained three strangers, one of which was evidently the Lord. He had a feast prepared for them, and the Lord promised him a son, and that he would father a great nation.

The Bible makes it clear, however, that angels don’t always come in the form of helpers. They quite often come as ones in need to test your Christian love and generosity. One’s willingness to offer help to someone shouldn’t be predicated on how nice they look, or how clean they are. If we were only sent beautiful, loving, people to help, it wouldn’t be much of a test.

It’s our Christian duty to be ever watchful and ready to entertain the angels we encounter, even if they are in their underwear.


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