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Sure Cure

Old Doc asked the young doctor Just what he thought he had done. “You told her she is pregnant, Mrs. Jones is sixty one!” “She ran down to my office, She’s about to have a fit.” The young doctor told Old Doc, “It cured her hiccoughs, didn’t it?”

Stall Talk

Well I was down at the Wal-Mart store, In the men’s room, sitting on the throne. It’s a private time when any man Just always wants to be left alone. When I heard a voice from the next stall, A man’s voice that was both clear and strong, The man said, “Tell me, my good […]

Red Tails in the Sunset

You think that Adam and Eve had fun? No clothes to wear, just romp in the sun? No meetings to go to or deadlines to meet. No plastic chairs to stick to one’s seat. No Jones’s for neighbors, they had to keep up with. It was just their friend God, who each night they would […]

My Dog Don’t Bite

The dog stood by the old man, He was quite a fearsome sight. I said, “Pardon me, good sir, But does your dog ever bite?” “My dog doesn’t ever bite,” The old man was quick to say. So I stooped to pet the dog, And it bit me anyway! I yelled at the old fellow […]

Grandma’s E-Male Friends

My grandma’s got a computer And she is on it every day. Now when you try to talk to her, She always tells you, “Go away!” Grandma’s met a lot of people And e-male friends – she has a ton, ‘Cause Grandma tells her e-male friends That she has just turned thirty-one.