Stall Talk

Well I was down at the Wal-Mart store,
In the men’s room, sitting on the throne.
It’s a private time when any man
Just always wants to be left alone.

When I heard a voice from the next stall,
A man’s voice that was both clear and strong,
The man said, “Tell me, my good Buddy,
Just how have you been getting along?”

Well there’s one thing that a man won’t do,
Talk to a stranger in the latrine.
But I thought that I best answer him
‘Cause not to do so would just be mean.

I said, “Well, I guess I’m doing fine.”
And I thought that I would say no more,
But you bet I checked to be certain
That I slid the lock on my stall door.

The voice said, “I’ve been thinking, Buddy,
Today is such a beautiful day,
That we just ought to get together,
That is, if you have the time to play?”

Now that kind of talk just makes me mad
And I told the guy just what I thought.
I told him, “I think that you are sick
And I hope that guys like you get caught.”

The voice said, “I’ll have to call you back
If you still want to play golf today,
There’s some idiot in the next stall
Answering everything that I say!”


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