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Bueford’s Bull

Old Bueford bragged about his bull, It’s named Sir Reginald III, How he won at the county fair And how fast Reggie worked the herd. But then Reggie just got lazy, He wouldn’t even chase a cow, Bueford complained that his dang bull Was too lazy to earn his chow. Bueford called the veterinary And […]

No Time to Pray

When I got up this morning, I didn’t have time to pray. I had way too much to do Just to finish in one day. I had no time for breakfast, Just some coffee on the run. And no time for thanks to God For the things that he had done. Now when in such […]

The Door

The big brown door was left ajar, It was just a tiny crack. Now all alone, my folks both gone, Nor did I know when they’d be back? “Now don’t go near that door,” they said, And spoke of hidden horrors. What awful dangers lie beyond That threaten my tomorrows? My ninth birthday had come […]

He Just Dropped In

The usher found him lying there. He was stretched out across three seats. In this business, he is the kind An usher all too often meets. Those sitting near were complaining About his incessant moaning. That they couldn’t hear the movie Because of all his loud groaning. I told him in my sternest voice, “Get […]


“It’s time to go,” the Father said, As they all gathered at the gate. They’ve been expecting us for years And now we shouldn’t make them wait. The Son had all the maps and charts, Taken from the Heavenly crypt. Everything was going perfect According to the ancient script. The extravaganza was well planned, The […]