No Time to Pray

When I got up this morning,
I didn’t have time to pray.
I had way too much to do
Just to finish in one day.

I had no time for breakfast,
Just some coffee on the run.
And no time for thanks to God
For the things that he had done.

Now when in such a hurry,
Why wouldn’t my old car start?
The bad words I called that wreck,
I sure hope weren’t from my heart.

And then, when I got to work,
Of all the days they could pick,
Two people that I needed
Had already called in sick.

Things were to get no better,
Though working without a pause,
The project so important
Had become a long lost cause.

But tonight, when I asked God
Why he failed to ease my task,
God said he would have loved to,
Had I taken time to ask.

Before my dad went into business for himself, he was a contractor. He always tried to impress on me the importance of taking my time and doing it right the first time. He followed the old carpenter adage of measuring it twice and cutting it once. When we neglect an established routine on the behalf of speed, we often find that we have spent more time in the long run. Christians have found that the best way to start their day is to have a little talk with God and let him know the areas in which they will most probably need his help during the day. Just going over your plans with God will often give you new insight into your planned activities. It never does any good to say, “God why didn’t you help me!” when you never asked for his help.


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