He Just Dropped In

The usher found him lying there.
He was stretched out across three seats.
In this business, he is the kind
An usher all too often meets.

Those sitting near were complaining
About his incessant moaning.
That they couldn’t hear the movie
Because of all his loud groaning.

I told him in my sternest voice,
“Get up, you’ve paid for just one seat!”
But he groaned a whole lot louder,
When I had tried to move his feet.

I said, “You’re not allowed here drunk,
I’ll call the cops if you don’t leave.”
For us to let a drunk get in
Was our manager’s one pet peeve.

The policeman came with questions,
“What’s your name?” He answered, “Anthony”
The cop then asked where he’d come from.
He pointed at the balcony.


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