The Door

The big brown door was left ajar,
It was just a tiny crack.
Now all alone, my folks both gone,
Nor did I know when they’d be back?

“Now don’t go near that door,” they said,
And spoke of hidden horrors.
What awful dangers lie beyond
That threaten my tomorrows?

My ninth birthday had come and gone,
I had become a big boy now.
Would just one peek beyond that door
Violate my solemn vow?

With shaking knees and racing heart,
I crept up towards the massive door.
My childish touch had brought such pain,
So long ago when I was four!

And then I heard such eerie sounds
Coming from behind the door.
Such sounds that I, in my short life,
Had never ever heard before.

Perhaps I’d wait ’til I was ten,
Or maybe even twelve or so.
But now the door was left ajar
This time I simply had to know.

Just three small steps led to the door.
My skin felt clammy, damp and cold.
My mind awash with nameless fears
Of awful horrors I’d been told.

The hinges screeched in loud protest
As I opened the big door wide.
That was the first time I had seen
The bright, sunlit, world outside.


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