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The nudists are a funny lot To go about without a stitch. The gender question leaves no doubt ‘Cause it is easy to tell which. Their thoughts concerning wearing clothes, To others must seem somewhat queer. They always have on ‘wash ‘n wear’ Their favorite color must be clear. Details on their driver’s license, When […]

Way to Go

I think the way I’d like to go Is peacefully in my sleep, Like Grandpa did not long ago When the grim one came to reap. To go the way that Grandpa did, I think is best by far; Than to kick and scream like the others Who were passengers in his car.

Fish or Talk

Bill, an undercover warden, Had been working the case for days. They were a bunch of good ol’ boys, Plain set in all their good boy ways. Sam agreed to take Bill fishing With stolen sticks of dynamite. Sam wasn’t one to waste his time Waiting around for fish to bite. Bill wore a wire […]

Blonde and Pretty

She knew that she would get the job Because she was blonde and pretty. The other girl was dull and drab, The type she was quick to pity. The questions on their stupid test, A formality to read them. They tested skills she didn’t have; Pretty blondes just never need them. The other girl was […]

The Meaning of Life

The light had turned yellow, then red and green, As I sat there reflecting on life. The rat race that we all call happiness, A world of impatience and strife. We miss so much beauty and pleasure, That God has placed under our noses. We fail as we walk through life’s garden, To take time […]