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The Meaning of Life

The light had turned yellow, then red and green, As I sat there reflecting on life. The rat race that we all call happiness, A world of impatience and strife. We miss so much beauty and pleasure, That God has placed under our noses. We fail as we walk through life’s garden, To take time […]

Soap and Water

His hands were always grimy And his house a filthy mess. If he ever took a bath, It was anybody’s guess. He didn’t like to go there, So Pete, a long time member, Was put off until the last And now it was December. In all his years of preaching, The one vow that he […]

Letter from Camp

Dear Folks, Our camp master said that we all should write, Because of the flash flood we had here last night. It wasn’t as bad as you saw on TV. (That red tent was mine that was caught in the tree.) No one was in camp; we were on a night hike; On the side […]


Mom said Sis had talked and talked, Throughout the live long day. I asked her what Sis talked about, Mom said, “She didn’t say.” My granddaughter, Alyssa, is just emerging from the Chatterbox stage. She has been saying, “Why” in response to everything you say for quite some time now. After spending a day around […]