Blonde and Pretty

She knew that she would get the job
Because she was blonde and pretty.
The other girl was dull and drab,
The type she was quick to pity.

The questions on their stupid test,
A formality to read them.
They tested skills she didn’t have;
Pretty blondes just never need them.

The other girl was not too smart,
She left her answers lying there.
So Blondie did their stupid test
Although she thought they wouldn’t care.

Because she was blonde and pretty,
She never failed to get her way.
So it was no surprise to her
When the man asked if she could stay.

And then he said she wasn’t hired
‘Cause he knew that she had cheated!
She asked him who he thought he was…
That is not how blondes are treated!

“You think I copied her answers?”
She asked, with shake of her long hair.
“The other girl may be the one,
Not all blonde heads are full of air.”

“You both got all the answers right,
Except for number twenty-three.”
“Why does that prove I copied her?
You know she could have copied me!”

“She wrote, ‘I can’t get twenty three.
So there’s no need for me to try.’
So we know it’s you that cheated,
Because you wrote, “Neither can I.”


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