Category: Christmas Poems

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Manger Scene

It is Christmas time again With the many manger scenes. Both shepherds poor and wise men Who were all of wealthy means. The cattle are all healthy And the donkey is well fed. And little baby Jesus Has a halo ‘round his head. Everything is so spotless, Mary’s clothes all look so clean. It looks […]

Santa’s Knee

It’s once again that time of year. The Christmas season’s really here. A season when kids may not be At all as good as they appear. It’s once again that time of year, When Moms and Dads are always right. When kids are quick to do their chores And never ever fuss and fight. It’s […]


My daddy’s not the President, Or some big famous movie star. He’s just the mostest ‘portant man In this whole big old world so far. Last night I learned he’s Santa Claus; I really think it’s kind of neat. I found his Santa uniform Hidden beneath our window seat. You think he doesn’t look the […]


Pastor was coming, Now what should we do? Where did we put it? Not one of us knew. We frantically looked; We searched high and low. It had to be somewhere, Just where did it go? The whole family’s searched. It’s somewhere around. Before he gets here, It’s got to be found. He hasn’t been […]

Nice Try

The father had two sons Of whom he was so proud. One son was too quiet. The other one too loud. The quiet one from birth Was real pessimistic. But the happy loud boy Was too optimistic. Billy, the optimist, Saw each day as a game. Joey, the pessimist, Thought all days were the same. […]