My daddy’s not the President,
Or some big famous movie star.
He’s just the mostest ‘portant man
In this whole big old world so far.

Last night I learned he’s Santa Claus;
I really think it’s kind of neat.
I found his Santa uniform
Hidden beneath our window seat.

You think he doesn’t look the part,
Well that is not a big surprise.
‘Cause right beside his Santa suit
Was his Santa Claus disguise.

I don’t know where he keeps his deer,
Or where his Santa workshop is.
But last night when I heard him talk
I knew the voice was really his.

So when we play, you best be good,
And treat me very nice because,
My dad’s the world’s most ‘portant man;
He happens to be SANTA CLAUS!

Alias has just made an earth-shaking discovery. Dad has a secret identity! It will of course not be a secret for long. The plan is already developing on just how to take advantage of this new-found fame.

Why would I give a children’s poem a name like Alias? When parents read with children it is a learning time and a child’s vocabulary is developing at a rapid pace. No word is too hard for a child to comprehend. And who knows, it may come in handy at kindergarten!

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#1 Liza on 02.26.12 at 9:30 pm

I’ll be nice to you little girl!!!!!!!

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