Pastor was coming,
Now what should we do?
Where did we put it?
Not one of us knew.

We frantically looked;
We searched high and low.
It had to be somewhere,
Just where did it go?

The whole family’s searched.
It’s somewhere around.
Before he gets here,
It’s got to be found.

He hasn’t been here
Since last New Year’s Day.
Did something we do
Keep Pastor away?

It’s Christmas again,
We put up our tree.
All decorated
For Pastor to see.

Perhaps he’d not notice
That it wasn’t there.
It seemed to have vanished,
Like they say, in thin air.

The preacher had come
And gone on his way.
He may not have noticed,
He sure didn’t say.

We got out the box,
Not seen for a year.
More decorations
We all held so dear.

We opened the box
We’d packed with such care,
That’s when we found it…
Our Bible was there.

When next we have need
For our Holy Book,
It’s in the same box
So we’ll know where to look.

Do you know where yours is? I hope that this poem isn’t about your family. Bibles aren’t made to be put out on the coffee table for everyone to see. They are supposed to be used daily. One grandfather left a hundred dollar bill in his son’s family Bible. When he visited a year later, it was still there. Every member of the family should have a Bible and be encouraged to use it daily. The preacher probably didn’t leave because he didn’t see a Bible; he probably left because he could tell that he was making them feel uncomfortable.


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