Mommy’s Suing Santa Claus

1st verse and chorus

I think Mommy’s suing Santa Claus
And I’m not sure what it’s about.
Last night, beneath our Christmas tree,
They both began to scream and shout.

My mommy said she’d keep the house
Santa would pay alimony.
I guess it means that for Christmas
There’s no chance I’ll get a pony.

I’d asked mommy to tell Santa,
That I would like a little horse.
But all I heard her ask him for
Was something that she called divorce.

Now it looks like after Christmas,
I’ll have no need to build a stall
He left so mad he didn’t say,
“A Merry Christmas To you All”

But what I’ve learned about divorce,
I think it might turn out okay.
‘Cause I’ll get to live with Santa
On every other holiday.


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