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Color Blind

“Never mix blue and green,” Mom said, “They don’t go with one another.” The sky is blue, the grass is green, So, didn’t God have a Mother?

Liver Is Better Than Worms

Judy made her usual threat When Momma brought out the liver. “I’d rather eat a big fat worm!” And her lip began to quiver. “I guess you mean a worm like this?” Said Daddy, holding up a worm. It was ugly, gross and slimy Judy watched it wiggle and squirm. Her momma said, “That’s not […]

No-School Land

Last week I went to No-School Land. I thought that I would love it there Because they don’t have books to study And not one rule on what to wear. The land there is one long recess And full of other kids like me, Except that no one there can read Or even count as […]

The Bully

There is a bully at my school Who likes to scare me every day And when I sit with friends to eat The bully takes my lunch away. The bully is so big and mean With hairy arms and smelly breath. At recess when I go to play The bully scares me half to death. […]

Maximizing Profit with Average True Range in Forex

Welles Wilder in his 1978 book New Concepts In Technical Trading Systems. ATR is a measure of volatility for a stock or index and is explained in detail at Average True Range. Wilder experimented with trend-following Volatility Stops using average true range. The system was subsequently modified to what is commonly known as ATR Trailing […]