A B-B Gun for Christmas

I want a B-B gun for Christmas.
When Mommy asked me why,
I didn’t tell the truth
But I didn’t tell a lie.

When I do something bad
Mommy always seems to know.
When I ask her how, she says,
“A little birdie told me so.”

I want a B-B gun for Christmas
Now don’t you breathe a word.
The first thing that I’m gonna shoot
Is that rat-fink little bird.

When I was a boy, long before the days of political correctness, the ultimate gift for a boy was a Red Ryder B-B gun. When you got your first B-B gun you felt you were ready to take on grizzly bears.

After my first day of big game hunting, in Houston, Texas, my mother told me that I had shot things that I shouldn’t have and took my B-B gun away from me for a week. That was one of the longest weeks of my life. When I asked her how she found out, she said that a little bird had told her. Actually, I later found out that she had discovered the dead mockingbird.

In A B-B Gun For Christmas, the little boy has vowed revenge on the little snitch. Children should be taught at an early age that revenge is never a good thing.

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