No-School Land

Last week I went to No-School Land.
I thought that I would love it there
Because they don’t have books to study
And not one rule on what to wear.

The land there is one long recess
And full of other kids like me,
Except that no one there can read
Or even count as high as three.

There are no games, like Hide-And-Seek,
No matter how much they all tried,
‘Cause when no one can count past two
It seems no one has time to hide.

No one can buy ice cream or toys
‘Cause no one there knows how to count.
No one can give you the right change
‘Cause they can’t figure the amount.

There are no bedtime stories read
And not a single clock to chime.
No one knows when it’s time for lunch
‘Cause no one there can tell the time.

No video games or comic books,
Life there is not much of a grin,
So I don’t think I’ll ever go
To visit No-School Land again.


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