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The Deacon’s Story

Now you asked me to tell you just how I got saved, What caused me to change the way I behaved. But first I must tell you that God is no fool. He knows when you’re living by his holy rule. I was raised up in church and there dedicated, And when I got sick, […]

You’ve Got it Again

When people know you’re sick, And you’re really feeling bad, Why do they like to tell you It’s the same thing that they had? Then, of course, they always say Just how awful bad you sound… But that it’s only something That’s been going all around. The ones that I hate the most, That I […]

Jesus Saves

It had been a most terrible day, The computers in Heaven were down. The mood of the angels was dreary, Even Peter was wearing a frown. The failure had been no mystery, All the saints knew the cause very well. It had been a satanic virus That was sent up from the depths of Hell, […]

The Ten Commandments

(A letter to God) The ten commandments are changing, I’m sure it is to Your dismay. They are not the same commandments That they were in Moses’ day. Your “No other Gods before me,” Is surely not a modern rule. I am sure that You remember, We can’t mention You in school. The manger scene […]

Toilet Paper Cake

For the annual church fund raiser, Joan was going to make a cake. She was in an awful hurry, She had but little time to bake. When she took it from the oven, The middle was one great big hole. She saw it was about the size Of a toilet paper roll. She quickly ran […]