Toilet Paper Cake

For the annual church fund raiser,
Joan was going to make a cake.
She was in an awful hurry,
She had but little time to bake.

When she took it from the oven,
The middle was one great big hole.
She saw it was about the size
Of a toilet paper roll.

She quickly ran and got a roll
And deftly fitted it inside.
The icing was a masterpiece;
Joan delivered the cake with pride.

When the sale began tomorrow,
She would have her daughter go
And be first in line to buy it
So that no one would ever know.

But when her daughter picked it up,
A lady snatched it from her hand.
She said, “I need it for a party,
I’m sure your mom will understand.”

The lady, known to be a snob,
Was never one to be denied.
She ignored the fact completely
That Joan’s daughter nearly cried.

Joan’s troubles were not yet over
Because, to please a new-found friend,
There was someone’s bridal shower
That she had promised to attend.

Joan was overcome with horror,
When she was shown into the room;
Her cake was on the serving shelf!
It would finally spell her doom.

A group of ladies stood around it
Making comments about her cake;
Remarking on its beauty and
How hard it must have been to make.

Joan was heading for the doorway,
Praying hard that she could make it.
She was sure the snobbish woman
Knew she’d been the one to bake it.

But with a threatening look towards Joan,
The hostess, at the serving shelf,
Said, “I baked it just this morning
And decorated it myself!”

Joan’s response to the threatening look
Was just a sheepish grin and nod.
That day, Joan had learned for certain
That yes, there really is a GOD!

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#1 just me on 03.26.09 at 3:50 pm

I’ve gotten this in e-mail but never as a poem!

Unexpected paybacks are truly sweet!

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