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The Heavenly Doorbell

The saints in heaven were rejoicing. The Angels had just started singing, When all festivities were stopped. The Heavenly doorbell was ringing. St. Peter was sent by God to check, To see just who was ringing the bell. The Straight and Narrow Path to Heaven, Was empty as far as Peter could tell. The Heavenly […]

The Cheat

“Why don’t you play golf With your friends any more?” The wife asked her husband, As he went out the door. “Would you play with someone Who cheats when they play?” “Of course not”, said his wife. He said, “Neither will they.” I originally wrote this under the title of “Card Cheat,” but I need […]

Persistance Pays

Seven times he had proposed, Seven times she’d turned him down, Saying she would never marry Someone that was such a clown. Being a persistent clown, He mailed her presents every day Hoping that his many gifts Would cause her hardened heart to sway. His ploy was somewhat successful, As she has agreed to marry; […]

Where is God?

The twins were known As the terrible two, There wasn’t a thing They wouldn’t do. The tricks they played On Halloween, Would some day make The movie screen. Their mother grew Tired of their pranks. She asked for help >From Father Franks. Father said, “Sure, It’s worth my time, To save them from A life […]

Granny and Gramps are Retarded

My Granny and Gramps are retarded; They live in a retarded park. They ride everywhere in golf carts, And play bingo at night after dark. There’re lots of retardeds that live there, In tin houses that sit on wheels. They think being retarded is neat; They play dominoes and croquet for thrills. They have a […]