The Heavenly Doorbell

The saints in heaven were rejoicing.
The Angels had just started singing,
When all festivities were stopped.
The Heavenly doorbell was ringing.

St. Peter was sent by God to check,
To see just who was ringing the bell.
The Straight and Narrow Path to Heaven,
Was empty as far as Peter could tell.

The Heavenly party was resumed,
When Heaven’s doorbell was ringing again.
Again St. Peter found no one there.
Playing tricks on God is a mortal sin!

The holy doorbell rang three more times,
And three more times there was no one there.
So St. Peter hid behind a bush
To see what kind of being would dare.

An old man walked up and rang the bell,
St. Peter grabbed him before he could flee,
And ask him why he kept running off.
He said, “The doctors keep resuscitating me!”


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