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Super Mom

Here I am rocking the laundry, And I am thinking that “Maybe, If I am rocking the laundry Then I should look for the baby!”

Anniversary Surprise

For our twenty fifth anniversary I took my wife to Spain. That I truly love my wife Certainly must be very plain. For our fiftieth anniversary I have plans for doing better. To surprise my lovely wife, I’m going back to Spain to get her. One thing that makes a humorous poem funny is a […]

Hannah’s Black Cloud

It is said that in every life A little rain must fall, But who’s the wise guy up there That decided I should get it all?

Dear Future Son-in-Law

I hope you didn’t take it wrong Last weekend, when I threw you out. When I feel so overjoyed I sometimes tend to rant and shout. Your bright orange and red spiked haircut Just surely has to be the best. The terrible things that I said, You now must know, were said in jest. And […]

My Exercise

My doc said I should exercise, Start lifting weights was his advice. I went down to the grocery store And there I bought some bags of rice. At first I bought a ten-pound bag And I also bought a twenty. Then I bought a fifty-pound bag To make sure that I had plenty. At first […]