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I thought it was the salesman’s foot, I couldn’t shut the stupid door. I gave it a much harder slam But it bounced back like before. What kind of man would use his foot And suffer pain in such a way? I slammed again, I’d break the thing, Intent to ruin this salesman’s day. I […]

The Sneeze

I sneezed a snoze Into the air. It fell to earth I know not where But it was such a great relief That I didn’t break my teef.


I was lying down on the couch, Deeply engrossed in my study book, When Peggy Sue held her finger out And said, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy look!” So I stuck her finger in my mouth And pretended that I was chewing. I said that I was eating sugar When Peggy asked what I was doing. She […]

No Hope

I hope and pray There is no God; That life will end Beneath the sod. “You are a fool”, My friends all say And then they ask To whom I pray. They make me seem Like such a dope, So I won’t pray I’ll only hope. But there’s no hope, I start to see, Without […]

A Call for Lee

It was somewhere around midnight When the dumb phone began to bleep. The loud ring startled me awake, Out of a deep and pleasant sleep. “Good buddy would you be so kind To let me talk to my friend Lee?” I said, “I am not your buddy And no one else lives here but me.” […]