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He built new knees, both right and left And then replaced both of my hips. “A two for one sale,” he explained, Talking between his cuts and snips. For selling me new body parts, My surgeon has become a glutton. Now every thing has been replaced Except for my belly button. Today he said, “My […]

Sun Shade

On one side it says, “Please call the police”. On the other side is a yellow Happy Face. But how stupid do they think I am To write, “Don’t drive with shade in place.”

Hi Diddle Doe

Hi diddle doe, Well what do you know! Our daughter is using a broom. Her mother fainted, to see such a sight So we’re off to the emergency room.


There is a mystery That’s never been solved before. Why can’t the guy who snores Ever seem to hear himself snore?

Spider Web

As I was walking through the woods At a careless rambling pace. I ran into a spider web And it stuck on to my face. I stood with goo stuck tight to me All thoughts of happy hiking gone. So much depended on one fact Which side of the web was the spider on? There […]