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What Would Jesus Do?

Written on his bumper, On a sticker large and blue, For all the world to see “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?” Then the light turned green, The car in front too slow, He blasted on his horn To let the fellow know. A blind man with a cane Tried to cross the street, He laid upon […]

Locked Out

So many children Killed in schools. So many students Break the rules. The Devil’s minions In charge there With Devil’s dress And colored hair. With Devil’s jewelry On cloaks of black They smoke their weed And shoot their crack. I asked, “Dear God, Why let this be?” He said, “School doors Are closed to me.”

Free Verse

I read a poem The other day, It didn’t rhyme, To my dismay. You ask me how Was one to know It was a poem? They told me so. Scribed in lines Both crude and terse, They said that it Was called free verse. Why it was verse Was hard to see But one could […]

Cold Nose

He was late for school once again Miss Brown, his teacher, asked him why. “It’s a little hard to explain,” “But if you want me to, I’ll try. It’s all because of Pa’s hound, Blue. He has a nose that’s cold as ice, He likes to sniff on everyone, Sometimes, in places not so nice.” […]

When I Grow Up

My folks began asking, When I was about three, “Sonny, when you grow up What do you want to be?” I answered, “A fireman Or maybe a cowboy.” Or what was at the time My most favorite toy. At five, when the circus Came rolling into town, I decided that I Wanted to be a […]