When I Grow Up

My folks began asking,
When I was about three,
“Sonny, when you grow up
What do you want to be?”

I answered, “A fireman
Or maybe a cowboy.”
Or what was at the time
My most favorite toy.

At five, when the circus
Came rolling into town,
I decided that I
Wanted to be a clown.

And then an astronaut,
When I became seven,
I’d explore all the stars
And maybe find Heaven.

Then nothing could limit
My wildest teenage dream,
I’d be an athlete
On my favorite team.

But now here at my desk,
As anyone can see,
All of my childhood dreams
Have still eluded me.

The only hope I have
When I begin to fret
Is I’m not yet grownup
As I’m going to get.


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