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My New Golf Ball

If you are in your home and want to have fun, you should do like me, I had a good day for golf, My game had gone well so far; If I could make this one shot, I would finish close to par. I had tried this shot before, It wasn’t an easy call; Drive […]


He got up early Sunday, so that he could pray. He knelt down by the window, it was such a pretty day. The game he’d planned for Saturday was canceled by the rain. The same had happened last weekend, the weather was a pain. He knew that it was Sunday, with church he couldn’t miss, […]

Golfer’s Logic

He was at a Lamaze class With his very pregnant wife, Which is a required duty In every man’s married life. “Exercise is important,” The pretty instructor said. “Break her away from her soaps, Take her for long walks instead.” “Go walking in the country Where grass is lush and green With ponds and pretty […]

Too Old For Golf

Although ninety years old, Jack played golf every day, So he was unhappy, His sight was slipping away. He could still hit the ball A good country mile, But not seeing its flight Was cramping his style. His wife said, “Take Herby, He has perfect eyesight. He’s a hundred and two But he’s still very […]

The Cheat

“Why don’t you play golf With your friends any more?” The wife asked her husband, As he went out the door. “Would you play with someone Who cheats when they play?” “Of course not”, said his wife. He said, “Neither will they.” I originally wrote this under the title of “Card Cheat,” but I need […]