My New Golf Ball

If you are in your home and
want to have fun, you
should do like me, I had a
good day for golf,
My game had gone well so far;
If I could make this one shot,
I would finish close to par.

I had tried this shot before,
It wasn’t an easy call;
Drive straight across the water?
I had always lost my ball.

I had seen others do it;
It would cut my score by two,
So I had to decide now,
What I was going to do.

I’d not lose a brand new ball;
I placed an old ball on my tee.
That’s when I heard a clear voice,
It was speaking just to me.

“Use a brand new ball,” it said,
“I know that you can do it.
Have faith in your golfing skill
I’m here to talk you through it.”

I put a new ball on my tee,
Sure of the luck it would bring.
The voice said, “Before you play,
Take at least one practice swing.”

I made the swing with my best skill
The voice went silent, then it said,
“Let me see that swing again,”
Speaking clearly in my head.

I gave the club a mighty swing.
The voice was sure no help at all
When disgustedly it said,
“Maybe you should use the old ball!”


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