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Heavenly Golf

I asked a young preacher named Kevin If I could play golf up in Heaven. He said, “Certainly so, But I think you should know You’ve a tee-time tomorrow at seven!”


My daddy is a golfer, He let me watch him play. I can’t wait to tell my mommy The new words I learned today.


A few holes of golf, while she was on call, She loudly called FORE and then hit the ball. And that’s when she heard the poor fellow’s cries. He was there on the ground, his hand twixt his thighs. His legs tight together like they’d never disjoin. She knelt by his side, massaging his groin. […]

Blind Man’s Bluff

I saw him on the golf course; he was blind as he could be. How could a man like him play golf? He couldn’t even see! My caddie said that he played great; he had beaten the very best. I was pretty good myself, so I’d put him to the test. I introduced myself and […]