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The Boat

God said, “Noah, let’s take a walk. You and I have got to talk”. The way God looked made Noah wonder; His eyes were lightning, his voice was thunder. “They’ve changed my laws to fit their needs And changed the way my Bible reads. I made the female and the male But now the difference […]

The Bigger Miracle

The young boy learned in Sunday school, How the Israelites crossed the Red Sea; How God then drowned the Egyptians, Allowing his people to flee. “That’s no miracle,” someone said, “They actually crossed the Sea of Reeds. The water there is two feet deep. Just a marsh full of brush and weeds.” The boy said, […]

Two Trees

God planted two trees in the garden; One was The Tree of Eternal Life. Eve chose the other, Worldly Knowledge, Which resulted in her pain and strife. One tree in God’s heavenly garden Would have granted immortality. The other, Tree of Worldly Knowledge, Great suffering for humanity. Eve’s temptation was to be God-like, Enticed by […]

The Ass’s Jawbone

When I tell This little tale About a man Swallowed by a whale, My tongue gets tangled In what I say, It won’t come out The proper way. I’ll hurry on I mustn’t delly; Jonah was in The whale of a belly. Oh dear, not belly I knew I’d fail. He spent three days In […]


Poor, poor, old Job, he had a wonderful life With lots of land and a beautiful wife. He owned all the cattle on a hundred hills With big barns and houses and meadows and fields. Then one beautiful day, we don’t know why, God went out for a walk with old Mister Sly. Now Job […]