Two Trees

God planted two trees in the garden;
One was The Tree of Eternal Life.
Eve chose the other, Worldly Knowledge,
Which resulted in her pain and strife.

One tree in God’s heavenly garden
Would have granted immortality.
The other, Tree of Worldly Knowledge,
Great suffering for humanity.

Eve’s temptation was to be God-like,
Enticed by the Devil’s hypnotic voice…
Which necessitates that you and I
Must be given the exact same choice.

We, too, can follow Satan’s advice,
And choose the world, as did Adam’s wife.
Or we can choose the Son’s redemption,
Which guarantees us Eternal Life.

You would be surprised to know how many people think there was only one tree to which the Bible gave special mention in the creation story. Perhaps you are one of them. We don’t know why Adam and Eve had never tried the fruit of the Tree of Life, but it was such a wonderful tree that, after their downfall, God banned them from the garden, for fear that they would eat its fruit and live forever. What wonderful opportunities they missed by eating from the wrong tree.

Most theologians believe that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was symbolic, as was the fruit. I have heard all kinds of ideas as to what the actual sin was that first Eve, and then Adam, committed. But I don’t think that I have ever heard any opinions on what they might have done that could have given them the ability to live forever.

If the fruit that caused their downfall was called “Forbidden Fruit,” what was the fruit called that would have given them immortality? And had God originally planned for them to partake of it and live forever? The choice of the two trees has been passed down to us and we also must choose of which tree we want to partake.

Genesis 1:9, 3:22


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