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Adam and Eve lived in Paradise, There was nothing that they couldn t do. No parents to nag or rooms to keep clean And of course they had no curfew. They spent all their time naming critters, When they weren t too busy at play. With nothing forbidden for them to do A word never […]

Do You Have Frogs?

Last night, in bed, I spoke to God, He talked to me about my fate. He said he had a plan for me. I quickly asked if it could wait. I said that things were not too bad, That I could make it all alone. The problems facing me in life, I’d like to handle […]

The Vine

It was a tiny island, Had just a tree or two. That I was stranded there, I was sure nobody knew. The ship had sunk so fast, The raft a God-sent gift. And God had made the choice For which way I would drift. No water on the island, The raft would catch a little. […]

Just a Penny

Just a penny, just a penny, The tramp saw it half hidden there. For such a small amount as that, The tramp had given little care. A little urchin saw it next And wrapped it in his grimy fist. He thought of wonders he would buy And he had dreamed of quite a list. He […]

The Alarm

Would you believe that dumb alarm, It failed to work again. Sam would be late another time, Just like he’d usually been. He’d bought it from a peddler, It had no guarantee. It would have cost too much Had the peddler made it free! The peddler said that this alarm Was sure to be a […]