Do You Have Frogs?

Last night, in bed, I spoke to God,
He talked to me about my fate.
He said he had a plan for me.
I quickly asked if it could wait.

I said that things were not too bad,
That I could make it all alone.
The problems facing me in life,
I’d like to handle on my own.

I didn’t want to pay the price,
The things I knew I had to do,
To live within the will of God
And make his promises come true.

I put him off another time,
Knowing it would cause me sorrow.
I told him that I needed help
Just not now, perhaps tomorrow.

When I opened up my Bible
Several scriptures caught my sight.
They were about Egyptian plagues
And the Israeli people’s plight.

I read at length about each plague
And how God hardened Pharaoh’s heart.
One thing I couldn’t understand,
Old Pharaoh wasn’t very smart.

Moses asked the stupid Pharaoh
When he would like the frogs to go.
The answer that the Pharaoh gave
Proved him to be a little slow.

When nose deep in a plague of frogs,
Just why would anybody say,
“Not right now, perhaps tomorrow,
We’d like to suffer one more day?”

When Pharaoh asked Moses to pray that God would remove the plague of frogs, Moses asked when Pharaoh would like for God to make them gone. Pharaoh’s answer always mystified me. Why wait until tomorrow? I would have said, “Yesterday!” But aren’t we all like the person in this poem? Too often we tell God, “Not just yet God, I’m not quite ready.” God entreats us to lay all of our burdens on him and he will give us rest. Check and see, are you keeping any unnecessary frogs?

Exodus 8:10


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