Fatal Attraction

It was a lawyer’s dream and he rubbed his hands with glee.
With unlimited deep pockets, he would get a princely fee.
The fame of the defendant would make him known worldwide.
It would be the biggest case, that this lawyer ever tried.

For his client suffered damages, unequaled anywhere.
It was such a huge temptation, it should not have been left there.
The defendant, when he made it, knew it had a strange attraction.
No matter how important, he’s responsible for his action.

It’s called Attractive Nuisance, all the law books say.
It means when you’ve been stupid, someone else will have to pay.
Any jury has to see, it wasn’t properly protected.
There should have been a guard, with a chain link fence erected.

She never would have been there, had she not been shown the way,
By a party of the first part, on that most regretful day.
No way she could resist it, its beauty was so great.
It couldn’t be just her fault, she had shared it with her mate.

Then referring to her mental state, he asked them to be fair.
‘Cause when she took the thing, she hadn’t anything to wear.
And as for any proof, it certainly was too late.
There had only been the apple, that Eve already ate.

They found for the defendant, though today it might seem odd.
They said the whole fiasco had been an act of God.
And Eve was not the only one that would suffer for all time.
‘Cause Adam and the serpent failed to report the crime.

Ruth says that it will take a lawyer to understand this one, but with all of the lawyer programs on TV these days I think that we all have more legal knowledge than we need.

I started to write a long humorous story with the snake as the lawyer but I didn’t want to offend any of my good lawyer friends.

The idea came when I received a notice from Texas Parks and Wildlife explaining a new Texas law on property owners’ responsibilities and liabilities. It explained that something like a lake or pond can be declared an “attractive nuisance” in litigation. This means that even if someone sneaks onto your property and gets hurt because something you own attracted them, you can be held responsible for supporting them for the rest of their lives if they are injured in any way.

Certainly the apple in the Garden of Eden falls under this category. The only thing that saves the defendant, God, in this poem is that it was declared an act of God.

Some of us go through life trying to find someone to blame for all of our mistakes. Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the snake and I imagine the snake claimed temporary insanity. All they needed was a good lawyer. After all of this explanation, I hope you understand Fatal Attraction, Ruth never did!


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