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My parents say, “Drink lots of milk, Because milk makes children grow.” I just found out where milk comes from; I wonder if my parents know?

One Minor De-Tail

Mister rabbit stood At the Old Wishing Well And wished that he had A bushy long tail. He threw in some nickels And pennies and dimes And wished a hundred And twenty-three times. He spent all the money He had to buy food, Which had gotten him in A terribly bad mood. Why hadn’t he […]

My Pet Monkey Likes You, Anna

My monkey said he’d really like To come and see you, sometime soon. He said I should suggest, to you, Tomorrow… early afternoon. I don’t know why he likes you so Because you’ve never even met. He has lots of weird ideas; He’s really such a stupid pet. And now he asks me, every day, […]

My Pet Python

I have a pet python And a best friend named Dan. My pet python gets mad When we play Kick-the-Can. We played Hide-and-Go-Seek To make my pet happy. When a python gets mad They sometimes get snappy. But now it’s getting late, Please help me if you can. I found my pet python But I […]

Should I Tell Mom?

A large green thing came in our house, It ate right through our big front door. It ate the paper from the walls And ate the rugs off of the floor. I think I’d better tell my mom, Because she’ll know just what to do. The green thing will be sorry then My mom will […]