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Christmas Prayer

While saying our prayers at Grandma’s house, My little brother Bobby and me. We had been to the Christmas tree lot, Where we had picked out our Christmas tree. Bobby was saying his prayers real loud, Things that he wanted St. Nick to bring. I said, “You don’t have to shout so loud Because Jesus […]

Baby Jesus

Somebody stole Baby Jesus From the manger scene on the lawn. The preacher, when he came to church, Was first to find the baby gone. He said, with anger in his voice, That the baby had been taken And that his faith in human kind Was beginning to be shaken. Right after church, still breathing […]

Quarter Horse

She told me that to ride a horse Was her favorite thing to do, So wonder why she got so mad I really do wish that I knew. I let her have the bestest horse And that was just for starters. She could have ridden all of them ‘Cause I had lots of quarters.  


My corn was getting ripe, The crows were mean and bold. I would have no harvest, Because of what they stole. So I made a scarecrow, It was such a fearsome sight. While it was in my garden, None dared go there at night. It certainly scared the crows, And gave them cause to fear. […]

The Casualty of Christmas

The store clerk saw the stranger, And the sad look on his face, As he watched Christmas shoppers Rush around from place to place. The next time that he saw him, He was by the manger scene. Some people had thrown trash there And it wasn’t kept too clean. Then he watched him make his […]