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Wasted Bribes

The judge faced the two opposing lawyers, “I got a bribe from you, Mr. Brown; A check for fifteen thousand dollars,” The judge said, with a frown. “Then I got another bribe,” the judge said, “A check for ten thousand from Mr. Green. According to Mr. Brown’s bribe, I would have to consider it a […]

Out of the Mouths of Children

They said you’re twice as good as our last priest And now I can see what they mean He took thirty minutes to say nothing You were able to do it in fifteen!

Obedience Beats Sacrifice

The father said, “The stove is hot!” He touched it once… Much wiser tot. As grown-ups we Also must try. The sign said, “Wet;” The paint looked dry. God said, “Don’t eat Fruit from that tree!” But surely, God, You don’t mean me. The Bible says, Not once but twice; Obedience Beats sacrifice.

The Solution

She said, “The neighbors’ dogs Are driving me crazy. Don’t they hear them barking, Or are they just lazy?” “Don’t they know their two dogs, In their yard, bark all night?” Then she said, getting up, “They’re asking for a fight.” The dogs were still barking As she got back in bed. “I guess that […]

Just a Small Mistake

A lawyer and preacher were chatting About a friend and his mistake. “What do you do,” the preacher asked, “About mistakes that you must make?” “A big mistake, I try to fix. But one I think no one will know, And it contains a bit of truth, I am inclined to let it go.” “What […]