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The Puddle

Nothing makes Tommy happier Than a brand new puddle does. He rode his little trike right in And found out just how deep it was!


Dear Pa, Ma, and Granny, I guess you know I just ain’t too much for letter writin’. The recrutin’ officer promised me That I’d get to do some real good fightin’. But so far I’ve been about as restless As a caterpillar in a beehive. All we do around here is eat and sleep. Of […]


He found a little mirror, A thing he’d never seen. He picked a clump of ragweed And wiped the surface clean. It looked just like his father, Who had been dead for years! Such unhappy memories… It kindled hidden fears. He would hide it in the woods Far from his old wife’s eyes. To see […]

Changing of the Guard

The captain said, “Sergeant, your men all stink. You have to make them change their underwear.” The sergeant thought the captain kind of weird Or maybe too long in the desert air. But the captain’s word was the word of God So he told his men what they had to do. “Everybody take your underwear […]


Tommy’s toothbrush fell in the toilet. Mom said, “We have to throw it away. We’ll have to buy you another one When we go to town later today.” Little Tommy said, to his mother, “Then we have to throw yours away too. Last week when it fell in the toilet I didn’t know what you’re […]