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When I hear the policeman’s siren, Sometimes I have a hunch That the policeman’s in a hurry ‘Cause he’s heading home for lunch. And when his lights are flashing First red then blue then red. Perhaps his wife has sent him Out after milk and bread.

They Call the Wind Josiah

How can one write a poem About someone named Josiah? They used the only word that rhymes When they named the wind Mariah. Bev says he doesn’t like it But he doesn’t have a say, It will be an easier poem to write If I just call him Jay. Columbus discovered America Way back in […]

Swimming Suit

Let people laugh and giggle, I don’t give a hoot. If I want to stuff a one piece body Into a two-piece swimming suit.

Parking Ticket

The cop was writing out a ticket When I came out of the hardware store. A parking ticket is the one thing That can really make a person sore. I said, “Can’t you give a guy a break?” And I guess I really showed my ire ‘Cause he got out another ticket And he wrote […]

Fortune Teller

My mother can tell my future with cards And no one I tell really believes it. One look at my report card and she tells me What Daddy will do when he sees it.