Parking Ticket

The cop was writing out a ticket
When I came out of the hardware store.
A parking ticket is the one thing
That can really make a person sore.

I said, “Can’t you give a guy a break?”
And I guess I really showed my ire
‘Cause he got out another ticket
And he wrote it out for one bald tire.

That’s when I told him what he could do,
I think you probably know the verb.
He calmly wrote another ticket,
He wrote, “Car parked too far from the curb.”

Seven times more, he wrote out tickets
And stuck them under the wiper blade.
And then he just coolly walked away
Completely ignoring my tirade.

It’s people like him that make me mad,
Who take their authority too far.
Those tickets will cost a small fortune.
I’m sure glad that it wasn’t my car!


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