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Cry Baby

The family was quite large, The house was always cluttered. She’d birthed another baby, The backwoods husband muttered. It was this pastor’s duty To visit on occasion. His wife had accompanied him After lots of his persuasion. The old grandma asked them in; They inquired about the child. She said, “It’s another girl And my […]


A man must have invented it, That diabolical machine. The cold unfeeling mammogram Made to mutilate and demean. Would men be so smug and happy If they too had to stuff and cram Their most sensitive tender parts In a woman invented man-o-gram?

Open House Surgery

I invited Jesus To come live in my heart. I would give Him a tour, Just to make a good start. I was proud of my heart, As I showed Him around. I had thought it was strong And it’s foundation sound. But, in the library, I could tell by His looks, That He didn’t […]

Stupid Woman Driver

A woman coming towards me, Swerved over into my lane. What kind of driver was she? Had she gone a bit insane? That she crossed into my lane, Sure didn’t seem to faze her. She made me spill my coffee And drop my ‘lectric razor! My cell phone squashed my donut And my cigarette is […]

Dead Cat

An old man saw a small boy Looking at a poor dead cat. It had just been run over And now it was very flat. He felt sorry for the boy, A lad of six or seven, He said, “Just remember son, Your cat’s with God in Heaven.” The Boy said sarcastically, “Gramps, don’t try […]