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Green Pastures

In search for greener pastures, I spared no expense. But when I finally found them, I was too old to climb the fence.


He said maybe he should take my advice Instead of always refusing it, I said, “You might as well ‘Cause I will certainly not be using it!”


She says I keep a messy house, I’m sure she doesn’t mean it. I cleaned my house three weeks ago; I wish she could have seen it.

Don’t Send your Kids to Sunday School

Don’t send your kids to Sunday school Where they will teach them right from wrong; Where they will learn to sing church hymns And learn to worship God in song. Don’t send your kids to Sunday school To learn the Bible’s history; To learn about the manger scene And marvel at its mystery. Don’t send […]

School Chums

While sitting in his waiting room, I first noticed the dentist’s name. I had gone to school with a boy Whose name had been the very same. I could picture him quite clearly; He was a tall and handsome youth. Now was he to be the dentist Who was going to pull my tooth? But, […]