Open House Surgery

I invited Jesus
To come live in my heart.
I would give Him a tour,
Just to make a good start.

I was proud of my heart,
As I showed Him around.
I had thought it was strong
And it’s foundation sound.

But, in the library,
I could tell by His looks,
That He didn’t approve
Of some of my books.

Then the living room too,
Was not quite up to par.
He wasn’t too happy
That it still had a bar.

My bathroom was spotless.
He could see it was clean
Except I’d forgotten
Just that one magazine.

And then, in the guest room,
There was something I missed;
Some questionable friends
I had kept on the list.

With my heart still so full
Of so much worldly stuff,
Would He want to live there?
Was my heart good enough?

I sure wanted Him there,
To give my life meaning.
He said, “Invite me in,
I’ll help with the cleaning.”

In this day and time, you can go into the hospital, have open-heart surgery and be home in time to watch the evening news. The procedure may no longer be called “open heart surgery” but in the past, to accomplish the same task, would have required cracking your chest and cutting into your heart. Of course none of these procedures can be done without your permission. Salvation works on the same principle. God will not invade your heart without your permission. Also, as in heart surgery, the procedure was updated and made quite simple by the death of Jesus on the cross.


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