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Woman’s Work

My job was very stressful, Such a frantic fast-paced life. I wished I could do NOTHING, Like my lovely stay home wife. Well God must have heard my thoughts Because, He said he could arrange Just that kind of duty swap, If I’d really like to change. Later on that very night, While relaxing in […]


Bill is a great magician, He really is quite good. He made a pretty girl appear From a statue made of wood. He hired her, as assistant, To help him with his show. She quickly joined the union And demanded much more dough. One night he sawed the girl in two Which caused him lots […]

Young Bride

We were on our morning walk Just us two, ole Bea and me. I told ole Bea, “You’re getting old.” For we had both turned fifty-three. Then we saw him stuck fast there In hot asphalt, a little toad. I pried him loose most carefully And took him well out of the road. And then, […]

Church Etiquette

Mama said to us, in church, “You must be quiet as a mouse Because you must not forget That you are in God’s own house.” But if it is God’s own house, Doesn’t he love girls and boys? When little kids are happy, They might make a little noise. But Sister explained to me, Why […]

Ole Ornery

He was the orneriest old dog That anyone had ever seen. He ate all of my trailer tires And then ate half the front door screen He ate both of my backyard trees, First the peach tree, and then the pine. And then he chewed right plum in half The 250 volt ‘lectric line. One […]