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Raining Cats and Dogs

A rainy day, his mood was dark And now a cat stuck in his tree. A spindly tree, one could not climb, A plan devised to set it free. He threw a rope up near the cat, It snagged a limb, all well so far. The other end he tied, real tight, Onto the bumper […]

The Model

A good friend asked me to model. He said he’d like to paint my face. I took it as a compliment With my usual charm and grace. He said that my face inspired him To want to paint a brand new way. That it must be put on canvas. And would I sit for him […]

Lottie’s Potty

“I pooped in my potty!” She was so very proud. At the top of her voice Lotty yelled it out loud. Her mother came running Just to look at her work. Lotty stood by her pot With an I-did-it smirk. Now Mommy had promised A new toy to Lotty The first time that she put […]

Only Son

His only son became a Christian Which was a terrible thing to do… Especially since old Joseph Was such a very devout Jew. So Joseph went to see his friend, A very strict Hasidic Jew. “It is funny you should ask…” he said, “My son became a Christian too.” “Let’s both go to see the […]

Moonbeam Restaurant

I was the very first With a restaurant on the moon. Some people said I did it A little bit too soon. I served exotic foods That came from far and wide. I even served fanwadas With snarkles on the side. My waiters were the best, Brought in from distant Sonda. My tables were expensive, […]