Raining Cats and Dogs

A rainy day, his mood was dark
And now a cat stuck in his tree.
A spindly tree, one could not climb,
A plan devised to set it free.

He threw a rope up near the cat,
It snagged a limb, all well so far.
The other end he tied, real tight,
Onto the bumper of his car.

He pulled the tree down to a height
That he could almost reach the cat.
Just then the wet rope came untied,
He certainly hadn’t planned on that.

The catapult was aptly named,
He watched the creature fly away.
He wondered where the cat might land.
It hadn’t been his kind of day.

Two blocks away a startled boy
Was knocked flat on his bedroom floor.
He saw an angry ball of fur
Run quickly out the open door.

“Shut your window,” his mother called,
“It’s raining cats and dogs again.”
“It’s too late,” yelled the little boy,
I think a cat just got rained in.


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