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Over Heating

The little meters Now once more She wondered what Each one was for. Her husband said “Watch them with care That’s why the makers Put them there.” The steam that filled Her engine hood She knew could not Mean something good. Her husband said, “I told you Dear, Watch the gauges I made it clear. […]

Pushed Too Far

Why was he banging on my door At this ungodly hour for? Unsteady as a wind blown bush He asked, “Will you give me a push? “Look,” I said, “It’s awfully late And you’re so drunk, you can’t stand straight.” I slammed the door and back in bed Erased his problems from my head. Again […]

Wild Ride

Snail climbed on top a turtle’s back To get a ride for free. He had no hands to hold up high, So he just shouted, “WHEEE!”

Drive-In Confessional

The young priest said to the bishop, “Attendance had become kind of poor. I faithfully held confession But no one came any more.” “They all say they are too busy, They don’t seem to have any time. I just tried to make it go faster, Is that such a terrible crime?” The bishop said to […]


A few holes of golf, while she was on call, She loudly called FORE and then hit the ball. And that’s when she heard the poor fellow’s cries. He was there on the ground, his hand twixt his thighs. His legs tight together like they’d never disjoin. She knelt by his side, massaging his groin. […]