Pushed Too Far

Why was he banging on my door
At this ungodly hour for?

Unsteady as a wind blown bush
He asked, “Will you give me a push?

“Look,” I said, “It’s awfully late
And you’re so drunk, you can’t stand straight.”

I slammed the door and back in bed
Erased his problems from my head.

Again the bell, he’s at my door.
This time I’ll sure give him what for!

And there he stood, my swaying bush.
“Come on my friend, give me a push.”

I won’t admit what words I used,
But verbally, he was abused.

He didn’t make another peep
But conscience robbed me of my sleep.

The Golden Rule for treating others,
Was this poor wretch one of my brothers?

Were wife and children worried sick?
Did God tell him what house to pick?

Was he the angel unaware,
The Bible warned me to give care?

Convinced this was a Godly test,
To see if I would give my best,

So hesitate I could no more
I rushed back to my twice-locked door.

With conscience I had failed to shush,
I yelled, “Do you still need a push?”

In drunken slur, he said, “You bet!
I’m over there on your swing set!”


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