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Grandma Drives Like Lightning

Grandma drives like lightning, It makes us ill at ease. It’s not that Grandma drives so fast She just hits lots of trees.


She came into my office With a gang of kids in tow. Why people had so many kids Was more than I could know. She explained she had twelve kids Because she couldn’t hear. So I said I’d see her right away Because I thought that queer. She certainly had a hearing problem, She was […]

Grandma’s On The Run

Have you seen my grandma? She’s been gone for days. She really got caught up In that stupid walking craze. She was way too quick to listen To the things that people say. Someone told her she should walk At least five miles every day. So if you see my grandma Will you kindly let […]


They say that money can’t buy joy Nor wealth result in gladness. Well I think for a month or so, I could stand a bit of sadness. I’d buy a car to drive around And then I’d pay my rent. I’d buy a snappy suit of clothes, Then of this sudden wealth repent. Riding in […]

Character Judge

I’ve a knack for judging others, At that I am the very best. I can pick the wise among us And pick the ones with talent blessed. My way is sure. It never fails, For it is simple as can be. How smart a person is depends, On whether he agrees with me.