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Fat Chance

Dear God, I pray You’ll make me thin. But in your wisdom If you think it doesn’t matter, Then would you please At least make sure, That all my friends Are fatter?


I have never once been fired But I’m the first to admit, When they stop paying me I get mad and quit. I didn’t lose my job, That’s all that there is to it. I know right where it is They’ve just got someone else to do it. I’m not afraid of work, No matter […]

Gosh and Heck

A preacher told me, “Go to Heck!” I told him, “That is so much bosh. Just why would I believe in Heck? I don’t even believe in Gosh!”

Age of Accountability

The preacher preached a sermon, He described the fires of hell. It frightened little Tommy And he didn’t feel so well. He asked Pastor, after church, “God knows that I’ve turned seven. Just how bad can I be now And still get into Heaven?” Age Of Accountability asks a question that is very human, not […]

God’s Flash Camera

She was standing in the rain, A smile upon her face. Her usual fear of thunder, Gone without a trace. As lightning flashed across the sky, I told her to come in. I barely heard her answer, Above the thunder’s din. “I can’t come in right now,” she said, “I’m busy as can be. Don’t […]